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Used Furniture in Tulsa – The Tulsa Shed Shop

We Sell Used Furniture in Tulsa at I Dont Want to Deal With This

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Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Jonathan Pierce and I sell consignment resale out of this building right behind me called The Tulsa Shed Shop. The Shed Shop has sold a wide variety of used furniture in Tulsa, and in this video I’m going to show you some of the most unique pieces that have come through. So stay tuned.

Sometimes the coolest stuff is in the most random places. At least that’s the case at The Tulsa Shed Shop. Furniture, electronics, tools. In our business we run across a little bit of everything and post it all for sale at The place is so unique, we decided it needed its own show. So we threw a stage in front of it to find out what would would happen. This is Tulsa Shed Shop.

Alright so I’m going to show you some pictures of some of the unique furniture we’ve had come in. And if at any point in the video you want to see what we’re selling on our website now, just click that link on the bottom left-hand corner where it says That’s actually a live link and you can click that, and it will show you all the new items that we have available right now.

So the first unique piece of furniture is this green living room set. It had a couch, a chair, and then two coffee tables that had kind of a stainless steel rugged top on them. And I believe this originally came from one of those Yogurt stores that have the real bright furniture, but a guy who was moving into his first apartment ended up buying this as his living room set.

This was a really cool dresser that had a lot of good things going for it but it had some wallpaper stuck to the top of it and it was a little rough, but it was going to take someone who had some vision to know what this could be, and that’s exactly the type of person that bought it. Once I found out what their plans were for it, I asked them if I could take some pictures of the process that they took it through. So this is what it looked like after they used some product to remove the paint, they took the door handles off, and they purchased some furniture feet that they were going to be putting on the bottom of it. And so when they were done, it ended up looking like this, and it was going to be a changing table for a baby that they had on the way. So they did an excellent job on it and it really turned out looking good.

This was a canopy styled bed also called a poster bed that came in, and it was in excellent condition. It almost didn’t fit in the garage, but luckily I had just enough space to set it up and take the photo. But this ended up being a real find and just was a really nice piece. This was a really unique piece of furniture. I have not seen something like it since. But I believe it was a card catalog cabinet. All those little drawers pulled out and were all functional and was maybe in some library at some point, but just a very unique piece.

This was a really nice living room set, and the furniture was real leather, and what made it unique was that there were no stains, no rips or tears. This set lasted about a week and a person came in and just bought all the pieces. And here was a mid century modern style chair, and not only was the shape unique, and the fact that it had that little storage area below it, but it was also on this rotator so you could spin around in it. And so it had a lot of unique elements to it that really made it appealing and I sold this before I even had it listed. Someone was coming to buy something else and they ended up taking that home too.

So those are examples of the kind of furniture that we get in all the time. And if you want to have first dibs on what comes in the shop, just sign up for the email list at the top of the website and that will make sure you get notified when the new items come in. And we can also ship any item so you can always contact us for a shipping quote on any item as well. Well hopefully that gives you a good idea of some of the unique pieces that come in the shop. And next time you’re looking for used furniture in Tulsa, make sure to check out

Want to see what’s available at The Tulsa Shed Shop this week? We’ve got it all posted at We offer local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and can also ship any item worldwide. If you want to find out what we’ll be selling next, just join the email list. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time at

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