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Thrift Store in Tulsa – The Tulsa Shed Shop!

We are a Thrift Store in Tulsa called I Dont Want to Deal With This

Owner: Jonathan Pierce 918-221-0132

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We pick up your unwanted stuff & sell it for you at our physical / online store

When an item sells we pay a percentage of the earnings to your paypal account.

We often tell people, “You’ll actually get paid while you sleep!”

We pick up furniture, electronics, tools, fitness, sports, pet accessories, baby & kid stuff, office equipment, home remodeling materials, appliances… and more.

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Jonathan Pierce
Owner at


Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Jonathan Pierce and I do resale out of this building right here called The Tulsa Shed Shop. And one common question I get from the customers who come by is, what kind of items do you usually get in, and how do I know what you have, and what kind of things do you carry. So I decided to make this video to kind of give you an idea of the different things that I have sold in the past and to give you an idea of what you could expect me to have just in general. I’ll also at the end of this video show you the best way to find out when I get new items in. So stay tuned.

Sometimes the coolest stuff is in the most random places. At least that’s the case at the Tulsa Shed Shop. Furniture, electronics, tools. In our business we run across a little bit of everything and post it all for sale at The place is so unique we decided it needed its own show. So we threw a stage in front of it to find out what would happen. This is Tulsa Shed Shop.

Alright, so the Tulsa Shed Shop is a thrift store in Tulsa that can also ship any item anywhere. And what I’ve done for this video is just gone back and found some of the pictures I’ve taken of some of the different items I’ve sold just to kind of help give you a visual.

So the first is beds – I’ve had anything from an entire bedroom suite all the way to just the metal railings, musical instruments, bicycles are also pretty common as well. I’ve been surprised to see a lot of three-wheel bicycles come in, and those always tend to sell pretty quick. Stereo equipment, I’ve had full setups with the receiver and all the surround speakers, vintage receivers, boom boxes, record players, and all kinds of electronics, couches from full-sized sectionals to the mid-century/modern style, all kinds of tools, pretty common to get tables of all kinds, dining room tables, basic kitchen tables, appliances, I’ve had stoves, I’ve even had someone’s old air-conditioning and heating system that you can see there, the heater and the air-conditioner condenser unit. All kinds of desks, all kinds of chairs, dressers – one thing that’s been kind of cool is to see the different things that some of the customers have actually done to the dressers and have sent pictures back to me showing me how they redid them.

And the list goes on, but I wanted to close it out with some of the cool random stuff that I’ve gotten in as well like this full-sized locker that I had come in, there’s a commercial-grade kiln there to bake pottery, I had a spa-style chair, full-sized art easel, a mini-sized motor bike, and an old-style mixer which I actually learned has its own specific market of people that use these and fix these up and collect these. This batch is just a good example of those unique items that you’re always hoping to find at a thrift store in Tulsa.

So hopefully that gives you a good idea generally of what to expect at And a couple other tips that are helpful that come up a lot are I sell first-come, first-serve – if you really want the item and you say, ‘aww I just can’t be there till Friday but I absolutely want it’, the way I do that is you can pay for it on the website, there’s a way to do that with your credit card. I accept Apple Pay, the chip card pay, regular credit card pay, cash. And generally I have the items priced pretty much at where they tend to sell, so I don’t intentionally build in kind of a cushion to say, ‘oh, how much would you really take so just so you know that’s kind of how I do my pricing.

And if you’re interested in finding out when I get a new batch of items in and you want first dibs on what happens to come in, then just sign up for the email list at the top of the website, you just put in your name and your email, and you’ll get an email that lets you know when the new items have been posted to the website. So next time you’re looking for tools, furniture, electronics, sporting or fitness equipment and a whole variety of other things, I’d love for you to check out

Want to see what’s available at the Tulsa Shed Shop this week? We’ve got it all posted at We offer local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma and can also ship any item worldwide. If you want to find out what we’ll be selling next, just join the email list. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time at

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