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Macy from Owasso, OK

College was starting soon and Macy found herself in need of a desk. The Shed Shop just happened to have one that was the perfect size for a dorm room. Thanks for stopping by Macy!

Kiew from Tulsa, OK

Kiew originally stopped by to pick up a futon for his apartment, when he noticed another couch at a great price he decided to get both! Thanks for stopping by Kiew!

Amanda from Tulsa, OK

Amanda runs a successful music teaching business ( and when it came to get rid of some of the random things that had piled up in her studio, she found herself saying that famous phrase… “I Don’t Want to Deal With This!” She gave us a call and we picked it up for Free. She also got paid a percentage of each sale on paypal when the items sold. The best part was that she actually got paid to get her space back! Thanks for contacting us Amanda!

Lisa is a Shed Shop Believer

“Hi Jonathan – Just wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am with the jewelry cabinet! It fits my cuffs & most all my jewelry, etc., with room to spare! Great condition, price & seller communication. Just couldn’t be happier! My close friend has a side business of restoring furniture. She has a huge client base. I will definitely tell her aboutt your site & ask her to spread the word to her customers. Thank you!!” – Lisa

Another Satisfied Customer

“So glad I called! Jonathan was fast, courteous, professional, and respectful to people & property. He loaded up everything very efficiently and was in & out in no time. I will definitely contact him again next time I need things hauled off! If you have unwanted items and would rather not deal with Craigslist, I highly recommend this service.” – Saruh

Bed Frames Anyone?

Whether it’s cribs, adjustable metal supports, mattresses or bed frames, the Shed Shop is always helping people get a good nights sleep!

Sami and Bill from Tulsa, OK

Sami and Bill found this retro bike on the website at and dropped by to take it home. Thanks Sami and Bill!

John and Kristen from Tulsa, OK

It’s a pretty common scenario. You put stuff in storage thinking it could be useful one day. Months later you’re like, “why am I paying for this?” That was the point John and Kristen had reached when they gave us a call to haul it away for Free and sell it for them. Shortly after, instead of making payments on their old stuff, they were they were receiving them! Thanks for using the service John and Kristen!

Candice from Tulsa, OK

Candice was a teen leader at her church who was preparing to take her group on a camping trip. A nice propane grill, portable tables, outdoor shelving, mini fridge, the shed shop had it all! Thanks for stopping by Candice and we hope the trip went well!

Eric from Tulsa, OK

Eric had signed up to be on the email list so he could be among the first to know when new items arrived. Being a keyboard fan, he was excited to learn about a Hammond organ that we had recently got in. Later that evening he drove over to  pick it up. Thanks for stopping by Eric!

Susan from Talala, OK

When Susan decided to do some spring cleaning, she looked around at all her unwanted stuff and found herself saying those familiar words, “I Don’t Want to Deal With This!”. Living in a rural area she was hoping to avoid paying a huge fee to have someone drive out to her location. She gave us a ring and we came to the rescue. Her favorite part was that she got it all picked up for Free! Thanks for the call Susan!

Ryan and Trisha from Tulsa, OK

Ryan and Trisha were going for a certain look in their apartment and needed some cool bar stools for their countertop. The Shed Shop came through with a couple that were perfect! Thanks for stopping by Ryan and Trisha!

Once office equipment, now a drawing table

One day we got a call to pick up some items in a business office that were no longer being used. One of the items was a unique glass top table that had a light. It ended up being a perfect solution for Kevin and Gayla who planned to use it as a drawing table. Thanks for stopping by Kevin and Gayla!

Garage clean out Magic Trick!

We’ve all seen them…garages so packed with unwanted items you can’t even pull your car in! When it came time to tackle theirs, Aaron and Ashley proclaimed those famous words, “I Don’t Want to Deal With This!” They called in to the rescue. We cleaned it out for them for Free and paid them a portion of the profit when each item sold. Thanks for the call Aaron and Ashley!

Annie and Mike from Broken Arrow, OK

Annie was looking for a washer that she could take to the Tulsa Animal Shelter. The Shed Shop just happened to have a really nice one at a great price. Thanks for stopping by Annie and Mike!

Super Cool Customer Story

Narissa stopped by to pick up a few filing cabinets. When she saw the Shed Shop she asked “Who did you get your shed from?” When I said Better Built Structures, she replied, “That’s my husband and I’s company!”. As it turned out she was buying the filing cabinets to use for their booth at the upcoming state fair. It was so cool that the actual owner of the shed company had come to the Shed Shop as a customer! Definitely will go down as the coolest story in the Shed Shop’s history…

Jeff from Chelsea, OK

Jeff drove in from Chelsea, OK to get a good deal on a mustang power wheels car for his kids. Pretty sweet ride!

Jeff & Dedee from Wagoner, OK

Jeff and Dedee drove in from Wagoner, OK to pick up a play pen for one of their grandchildren. Another great find at The Tulsa Shed Shop!

John from Tulsa, OK

John worked in the casino industry and had a number of slot machine stands that he needed out of his way. One call to got the job done!