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Shop Tulsa Resale items with Jonathan Pierce at the Tulsa Shed Shop

What kind of items can you expect to find at the Tulsa Shed Shop with owner Jonathan Pierce? Here’s a list of some of things we’ve had in the past: King Bedroom Furniture Set, couch, table, mirror, electronics, stereo, phone, mattress, stove, bike, tools, saw, drill, shelf, bookshelf, carpet cleaner, wine fridge, record player, lamp, light, computer, tower, home accent piece, modern home entertainment stand, vanity dresser with mirror, buffet table, decorative vase, filing cabinet, miter saw, table saw, and the list goes on. The Tulsa Shed shop is a unique resale store that could be described as a Tulsa Thrift Store with great items at a great price. The store website makes it see all the items for sale and even pay for them right on the website. It’s a fun way to shop a good selection of gently used items at a great price in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To shop now, you don’t even need to change out of your pajamas! Just go to and start browsing the recent haul from the comfort of your home. Want to shop the shed in person? Just call Jonathan Pierce at 918-221-0132.



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