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Consignment Furniture in Tulsa – We Pick it Up & Sell it For You


We offer Consignment Furniture in Tulsa at I Dont Want to Deal With This

Owner: Jonathan Pierce 918-221-0132

You can learn about our pick up Service at

We pick up your unwanted stuff & sell it for you at our physical / online store

When an item sells we pay a percentage of the earnings to your paypal account.

We often tell people, “You’ll actually get paid while you sleep!”

We pick up furniture, electronics, tools, fitness, sports, pet accessories, baby & kid stuff, office equipment, home remodeling materials, appliances… and more.

Want to buy the items we pick up? We’ve got them photographed, listed and priced on
our physical / online store:

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Or just give us a call at 918-221-0132 to find out how we can help you.


Jonathan Pierce
Owner at


One day I got a call from a customer who had been in the final stages of a home remodeling project. Due to the increased square footage, he had to purchase new heat and air units. His old units still worked, he just didn’t need them anymore. He initially tried to sell them himself, but after a while, he grew tired of the calls and text messages that weren’t resulting in a sale. They were heavy, in his way, and he just didn’t want to deal with it anymore. That’s when he contacted

We pick up your stuff and sell it for you. When an item sells we pay 30% of the earnings to your paypal account. We keep the remainder for dealing with it.  The money just shows up in your account while you sleep! (Our customers find that to be pretty cool!) Our customer agreement also puts our customers at ease with any concerns they might have about how it works.

While we were there, he took advantage of having us get other items out of his way, like a patio sliding door, a wallpaper remover / steamer and other items he didn’t need or want anymore. Although we normally require there to be at least 10 items in order to do the free pick up, every case is different so the best thing is to give us a call and find out how we can help. Selling the stuff you don’t want anymore is what we do! To schedule a pick up or learn more get in touch with us on our contact page or just give us a call at 918-221-0132.

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