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Tulsa Consignment Resale Business is interviewed by Darryl Baskin on KRMG

We are a Tulsa Consignment Resale Business called I Dont Want to Deal With This

Owner: Jonathan Pierce 918-221-0132

You can learn about our Service at

We pick up your unwanted stuff & sell it for you at our physical / online store

When an item sells we pay a percentage of the earnings to your paypal account.

We often tell people, “You’ll actually get paid while you sleep!”

We pick up furniture, electronics, tools, fitness, sports, pet accessories, baby & kid stuff, office equipment, home remodeling materials, appliances… and more.

Want to buy the items we pick up? We’ve got them photographed, listed and priced on
our physical / online store:

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Jonathan Pierce
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Video Transcript:

Joined today in-studio by Jonathan Pierce of many diverse things, projects, a whole variety coming at you here. That’s right. Guess what? We’re going to talk about that because after today will be my favorite website ever. I Dont Want To Deal With This does what? Can I call and have you handle difficult family matters for me? [laughter] Well basically, what it kind of boils down to is taking a second look at the whole consignment store idea. We all have stuff lying around our house that we don’t use anymore, whether it’s in the attic, garage. Some of us like me more than others. Yeah, Darryl’s a great example because he’s a tech guy, and electronics are a huge reseller. What you’re — let’s just say it. Darryl’s a hoarder. He’s a hoarder. That’s what you really want to say. He’s my ideal customer. But you know, I picked up an mp3 player. And I asked the kids, hey, whose is this, whose is this, I don’t know, it’s so and so’s, it’s so and so’s. And then my son said, well I’ll take it. And I said, do you want it with all this Bejeweled stuff on it? And he goes, no, I want to call I Dont Want To Deal With This and make money off this thing. That’s exactly what he said. [laughter] So you do what with it? You pick it up? Craigslist and eBay for people basically that don’t want to deal with the process of listing it on Craigslist or listing it on eBay. They don’t have time, they got a family, they got a job. It’s easy to do, but it does take time. And it can be annoying. Dealing with the text messages and the conversations, mailing and emails, all that. Didn’t you read what I posted? You asked three questions and they’re all in the ad. Exactly. I’ve actually had people, when calling a product, and then be like, what is it? I’m just like, ok. But just stuff like that, so people don’t want to — They need somebody to talk to. Yeah, or they just don’t have time. And we’ll come and deal with that for you and we pay you on PayPal.

Darryl, as you’re sitting right now, items that are being sold could — Ding! Exactly. It just went into my account. Go in your account when you’re sleeping, when you’re at work, when you’re hanging out with the kids. That’s all being taken care of for you, and the money just goes into your account. You unveiled this a month back, and I’ve been throwing stuff away. Exactly. I thought, can I just go get that back? Well, it depends on what dumpsite you go to and how much you want it back. [laughter] I was just going to like, it’s not worth my time to deal with, but it’s worth something. And I actually wanted to go to somebody for a very modest price. I just want somebody to make use of it. I’d hate for it to go to waste. Exactly., Jonathan Pierce. You’re going to stay here with us after this. We’re going to get some news, catch up on what’s happening in the world after the break.

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