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We are a consignment shop in Tulsa called I Dont Want to Deal With This

Owner: Jonathan Pierce 918-221-0132

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We often tell people, “You’ll actually get paid while you sleep!”

We pick up furniture, electronics, tools, fitness, sports, pet accessories, baby & kid stuff,
office equipment, home remodeling materials, appliances… and more.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Jonathan Pierce. And welcome to the Ad Lib Shopping Network. It is an exciting episode today. Not only because of our guest, but take a look around. Look at what we’re dealing with here. We’re just going to dive into heaven. We’re going to take a slice of heaven and just experience it today on today’s show. So stay tuned.

Sometimes the coolest stuff is in the most random places. At least that’s the case at the Tulsa Shed Shop. Furniture, electronics, tools. In our business, we run across a little bit of everything and post it all for sale at The place is so unique, we decided it needed its own show. So we threw a stage in front of it to find out what would happen. This is Tulsa Shed Shop.

Well, welcome to the Ad Lib Shopping Network. I’m your host, Jonathan Pierce. And I’m just going to prepare you today for the guest of the year. And that is Joey Shutrump with Guardian Angel Exterminating.

Yes, thank you, thank you. It’s great to be here.

Sir sir, welcome. Joey is no stranger when it comes to resale. And he’s really just going to help us get excited about really what we’re surrounded by here today. Joey has also brought some items of his own that we’re going to be talking about here using the IDontWantToDealWithThis part of this service. So Joey, before we just dive in, let’s just explain that really quick so people understand what’s going on. People say, John, where do these items come from? And this is kind of a two-part thing here. We’ve got and we’ve got So most of this stuff, where it came from was a person that was selling their home. They had already moved, they had gotten everything out of the house they were planning to get out of the house. And what was left was the garage sale items, or if you’re going to load them all up and take them somewhere. It was just kind of a minefield of leftover items in the closet, on the floor, here and there. And so they basically just gotten to a point where they said, “I don’t want to deal with this.” So they gave a call, and I went and collected all this stuff up, I’m going to deal with it for them. They’re done, they’re ready to move on to the next phase and they don’t want to mess with it. So now it ends up here and we’re going to sell it for them and they’re going to get paid a percentage of each sale. They’re going to make money while they sleep.

But first, Jonathan.

Tell me. Talk to me.

Let me just tell you, you’re doing more than just a service. First of all, as many of you may know, when you go to post something on Craigslist, first of all, we’re dealing with an outdated, old-fashioned website that seems like you’re still in the Times New Roman font and you have the same old buttons as in 1989 when they first came out with it. So that in it of itself is kind of a letdown, it’s a bummer. But then, you have to finagle through all those options and know all the menus. And you finally get to the place where you can hit post. And alls you have to do is look at your clock and within about 24 minutes, you’ll get the first scam. Now, dealing with this first scam, if you’re an experienced Craigslist-er, you understand that this person who’s saying I want it, how much, no matter you name the price, that they probably want you to send them some sort of email certificate of bank information. And the truth is, that’s one of the biggest headaches right off the bat. When you bring your stuff to, it —

It doesn’t take long to scream the words, “I don’t want to deal with this.”

I don’t want to deal with the scam artists anymore. So you just need to bring it to Jonathan.

So Joey’s speaking from experience because I’ve sold a whole variety of stuff from him. And the thing is, Joey’s actually awesome in selling on Craigslist. He’s really good at it. He just reached a point, basically, where it’s just not worth his time. So we’re going to get in now to — diving into some pretty great stuff. It’s pretty desirable. And desirable, really, is the key word when it comes to You know, Joey, I think there’s probably some people out there that, boy, they’d sure love to have a guitar. They don’t have one now, they want to change that. They want to get themselves a new guitar. You know, one thing I noticed here, it looks like they might have actually painted on this little symbol. Is that a Chevy?

I think that’s an Eagle combined with a Chevy.

Eagle combined with a Chevy symbol. And the minute that they wrote this and drew this on this guitar, you know what that means?

Up in value.

This just became a custom guitar. This thing just became custom. And it’s just got a beautiful look to it. It’s got a red tone that’s just going to melt your heart once you get this home and you start playing. And one of your most favorite parts about it is going to be the price. Joey, now I know you’re no stranger to some of these aquariums. You’ve got a friend in an aquarium over at your shop. But we’ve got a couple of aquariums here, and here’s what I want to do with the folks at home. I want to do a little exercise. I want everyone to close their eyes right now. And I want you to imagine a bearded dragon in this aquarium, in this glass tank. I want you to give it a name, make it real. Ok, now open your eyes. I want you to realize right now that what you just saw, what you just imagined, can become reality today. You can come down to the shop, you can choose. We’ve got one with the light, we’ve got one with some of the foliage. You give them their forest. And Joey, I know you’ve got a bearded dragon.

Yeah, and actually, our bearded dragon is going to three years old. And the truth is, you give them a home, and they’ll thank you for a lifetime.

I couldn’t have said that better myself. I mean, a bearded dragon is someone that’s not going to give up on you. And they’re just an exciting friend to have in your home. You know, Joey, one thing I wanted to say that I thought was very interesting on this pickup was to direct your attention to what we’re seeing here by the Bombay Company. And some of you know where I’m going with this. Nutcrackers. It’s January, but it doesn’t mean that a nutcracker can’t still be exciting. Joey is getting into the back end of this thing and checking out the specs. He’s just getting very excited and he’s got a good reason to be. Joey, this is probably the best one. Golfing Nutcracker Santa.

Oh, my goodness, it’s a music box as well. It also has noisettes hanging from the decorations.

It’s just the kind of item that keeps offering a bonus. And this is a perfect example. Look at the golf pants, then you get the Santa sweater, then you get the Santa beard and you really know it’s Santa.

And the truth is, I don’t like it when people get out of the season.

I don’t either.

The holiday season — some people get mad when you go into it before November. Some people get mad if you’re still into it after January. But by golly, if we could only stay in the season.

This is the kind of item that will shut that kind of talk up. Because you can’t not get excited about this.

This is the kind of thing that I would leave on my fireplace mantle all year round.

Once you get in here and you see the detail, you are going to realize the conversation piece that you’ve put in your home. And you’re going to see the connectivity that that’s going to do with other family members that — sometimes Christmas is a rough time. This can change that. We’ve also got OSU Nutcracker.

Now those go with those chairs. We’re going to preserve those.

The chairs aren’t for sale. But OSU Nutcracker is.

And actually, they like to put the OU nuts in the cracker. That’s what them fans do.

This can be yours and it can be yours right now at Now I want to tell you what’s happening right now. Joey is actually demoing the tool that he brought that he’s going to throw into the Tulsa Shed Shop and have it for sale.

Oh yeah, the titanium alloy.

They’re titanium alloy. Now Joey, tell people, what are you doing right now? What are you on right now?

Well see, whenever you have to work on something like your titanium alloy clubs, or could it be changing the oil on your car, you don’t want to forget your crolly dolly. You see, these crolly dollies normally are all one piece. And see, this one here is custom because it actually can come into two pieces. Alls you have to do is figure out how to pull these things apart.

And you’ve got a multiuse tool just like that.

See, most people who work on cars have trucks. But if you have a little car and you like to work on cars but you don’t have a large place to store this, this breaks down. I’m not joking.

Take a look at this. You know what, the other great thing about this thing is it’s not sweat-stained. It doesn’t look gross. And it’s very easy to take apart.


Look at that.

You got a two-parter.

You can put this in your little Honda Civic. It’s ok if you got kids, this will fit right in the trunk.

So Duralast, you like the brand, you like the fact that you don’t feel like you’re sitting on a 1980’s gym bench that’s soaked with sweat. This thing is in brand-new condition.

It’s got a pillow too.

So this really is the real deal. We’ve got real items, and people are really coming and buying these items, Joey. And I’ll tell you an example of this. Right as I was setting up this show, some might have seen the last week’s episode, where we had a white-clad end table. It was like an old icebox. And we briefly mentioned it, but someone saw that. They got on the website. They purchased it — her name was Vicky. And just literally right before I was setting up today’s show, she came to pick it up and take it home. I loaded it in the trunk for her, and she checked it out right on the website. She was able to easily navigate through, find it.

Would I be mistaken if I would assume that Vicky probably brought some of her own stuff here for you to sell?

Before she left, and it’s funny that you mention that because before she left, she asked me about her friend who needs to get rid of her dresser and some other things, and they wanted to use the service because they just didn’t want to deal with it. It was that simple.

Well, that pretty much covers our items today. There’s a lot more where that came from on the site. We’re going to leave that up to you now at You can see what we have. I want to thank my special guest, Joey Shutrump with Guardian Angel Exterminating, for coming over and just having a great time.

Thank you for having me. And just one last thing before I go: don’t get stuck trying to get scammed on Craigslist. Don’t get stuck going out at 9:42 at night, endangering yourself and others, to meet somebody from Craigslist that you don’t even know. Bring it to Jonathan.

We’ll take care of it at, and we’ll see you next week on next week’s episode.

Want to see what’s available at the Tulsa Shed Shop this week? We’ve got it all posted at We offer local pickup in Tulsa, Oklahoma and can also ship any item worldwide. If you want to find out what we’ll be selling next, just join the email list. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you next time at

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