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Tulsa Furniture Consignment – We Pick it Up for Free & Sell it For You

We are a Tulsa Furniture Consignment Service called I Dont Want to Deal With This

Owner: Jonathan Pierce 918-221-0132

You can learn about our Service at

We pick up your unwanted stuff & sell it for you at our physical / online store

When an item sells we pay a percentage of the earnings to your paypal account.

We often tell people, “You’ll actually get paid while you sleep!”

We pick up furniture, electronics, tools, fitness, sports, pet accessories, baby & kid stuff, office equipment, home remodeling materials, appliances… and more.

Want to buy the items we pick up? We’ve got them photographed, listed and priced on
our physical / online store:

Want first dibs on what we sell? Subscribe here:

Want to Schedule a pick up? Just go to:

Want to learn more? Check out our videos on our blog:

Or just give us a call at 918-221-0132 to find out how we can help you.


Jonathan Pierce
Owner at


Video Transcript:

Hey guys, you know that crusty stuff you’ve got sitting around the house that you don’t want anymore? Did you know instead of throwing it away, you could get paid for it? Just do what I did. Fill out the Sell Stuff page at I Don’t Want To Deal With This. They’ll come pick it up and sell it for you. When it sells, they pay you on PayPal. You get paid like a frickin’ boss without even leaving the house and just sitting there. It rocks. You should check it out. Seriously guys, get paid like a frickin’ boss for your own stuff. Sorry guys, I gotta go now because I’m going to go make myself a sandwich.

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